Break what binds you

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Sometimes easier said than done.  Sometimes we anticipate it being more difficult than it really is when it really happens.  There are people and situations that hold us back.  We may not know why or we know EXACTLY why.  We have to let go.  I was stuck for a while recently and last week was the first week in a really long time when I could tell that I was unstuck.  I told my husband at the end of the week that I felt like I had finally left the quicksand that had me trapped and was slowly, but surely, dragging me down.  People could see it and I could feel it.  There is a young man from work that I have always liked, yet he blames his behavior, his attitude, everything he does on other people.  He never takes responsibility for his actions.  Good grief.  He holds onto something he cannot change, and needs to change his perspective so that it motivates him to change instead of keeping him where he is because I know he can be more.  Making that decision to let things go is not easy, but can be done.  You have to forgive.  Not forget.  Forgive.  I know people who have held grudges for decades over something that happened to a family member (not even to them), but they still cannot let go.  Carrying all of that baggage has got to be getting heavy, don’t you think?  Break what binds you and let it go.  Put it down.  Leave it behind you.  If you haven’t gotten some good out of it by now, do you seriously think you ever will?  I am sure you would find it if you could, but it’s not there.  Let it go.  That weight that burdens you will continue to do as you choose it to as it is with you until you decide otherwise.  But you can choose.  Set it away and walk from it.  Start something new today.  Break those binds and walk to freedom.

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