It is a beginning

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How many of us never start anything new?  How many of us find ANY excuse to make it “ok” that we don’t start anything new?  Ok…put your hands down.  Yes, I put my hand down too.  Why do not start anything?  Because doing “it” (whatever “it” is) doesn’t mean enough for us to do “it.”  Sometimes, it is because we are uncomfortable with what we want to try, but deep down we know that we will still want to try.  And until we do, that yearning for something new is going to nag at us for a long time.  Yesterday, I stepped out of my comfort zone.  A lot.  Those that know me personally know that I know NOTHING about fashion and what’s “trending”.  Yeah, I might have the girl parts, but not the girl gene.  Oh well.  Chock it up as another weakness for me.  I can dress it up but sometimes, people have needed to show me.  But yesterday, I did it on my own.  I think my husband was even surprised and then when I had a chance to change into something a little more my style (can you say sweats and tennis shoes?), I declined.  Sometimes, it is more than just you knowing you did something new.  Sometimes, you showing other people who you can go outside your comfort zone inspires them to do the same.  All day, I felt like a pioneer — someone who was doing something different or special.  Even if it was just something that I knew I was doing for the first time.  Did anyone say anything to me?  No. Did I expect them to?  No.  I remember saying to myself, “Is this how Amelia Earhart felt when she decided to start flying planes?”  When the critics were against her and no one believed in her?  Is there something that you want to begin?  They say the best food is made from scratch — with no recipe or list of ingredients — and you just make it up as go along.  Have you waited a lifetime to begin something new or has something recently come to light that you want to change?  When was the last time you went after something you wanted and did not allow yourself an excuse?  Many of us quit when it gets tough…when it becomes something we are willing to lose…when it becomes something that no longer matters.  Are there questions that you ask yourself every night and then forget to carry out them the next morning when you get up?  Even been caught up in the moment that without even thinking, you find those 20 seconds of courage and stop thinking about what it will look like and just go for it?  Ask yourself if you are content with who you are now…and if so, then this post is not for you.  For you will never yearn to be more than you are right now.  But, if you REALLY want to begin something new, then that time is now.  But wishing for it is not enough.  Talk is not enough.  I cannot tell myself to exercise and then it magically happens.  You have to DO it!  Life is an adventure…you up for it?  You have to “Try” by P!nk

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