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I am not one to try to impress others merely to get them to notice me. In fact, I would be the one trying NOT to get people to notice me. But something happens when you are noticed for the right reasons…you be come impressive and not just for viewing purposes, but you actually leave an impression on someone else. Today, our work environment laid to rest one of our own. It was a very somber day at work as this 61 year old’s passing came as quite a shock. His health had deteriorated over the last year, but 61 is still too young. For the many of us who paid our last respects, we will always treasure the memories TK left us with. Of course, I will always remember his smile that literally went from ear to ear. His laughter was one that was unmistakable and always brought a smile to anyone who could hear it. He was creative where I wasn’t and every Christmas, I will be reminded of him as I hang my wreath on my front door. TK left an impression on me that will never be erased and there are parts of him that I will see every day when I am at work. Others will do the same. What impression do you want to leave on others? How do you want to be remembered? The stories that are told long after we are gone will allow those left behind to share our legacy with others that we may not have known very well. Then, we live forever. I want to make an impression on others, but not for my benefit. People will tell you that I am not that girl. Never have been, never will be. Even when maybe I deserved it. I have at time, actually dismissed others’s compliments because I did not believe it to be true. The impression of me that people will take from reading this post, or any of them, will be what they look for in the simple words I share with you. Impressions can change over time also. I was very frustrated and disappointed today when no one he worked with (myself included) stood up to say something about our friend. I had figured that that responsibility fell on someone else, not me. The more I talked about it, the angrier I got and then I realized that I let my friend down today. I could not control what others did, but I could have said something about TK, if only for me, but perhaps on behalf of the others who could not speak. I am sorry, TK, that I did not hold up my part and I learned from this that it will not happen again. Thank you for teaching me such a valuable lesson and for leaving the impression of your laughter and smile forever in my life. You are not here with us, but you will never be forgotten. Be impressive with your lives — some of us might be about half way done with your life and what do you have to show for it? Have you left an impression to where people will stop and say, “Now, that person was impressive.” Leave part of you with others so that they can hold onto that…especially while you are still here as we never know when it is our time to go. Use the time you have wisely and make a difference. You can be impressive.

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