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Many months ago, I started on a journey I did not anticipate on taking, nor did I know how I would get there. Needless to say, I took chances in places where I had only run from these same opportunities in the past. I found it interesting today that Rocky and I had very similar thoughts, although we had not shared them until today with one another. When left to my thoughts alone, I can do damage as to whether I proceed or not into a new way. I have mentioned before that it is difficult to remember how I got here…I remember moments here and there and acknowledge that certain things were said. Rocky said it best when she described it as a “blur”. Something where you can kind of distinguish shapes and colors, but nothing really seems clear. Yes, yes, that is how I usually see things in the morning anyway, so Rocky has to point out when someone is walking/running near us so that I know. Several months ago, we started this journey at not quite the same time, with different questions to answer, but ultimately, we ended up beginning the rest of our lives on September 27, 2011. Another date to remember, Rock! Today, Rocky’s dream became a reality and even put a little change in her pocket, too. Tonight, she was my biggest Mick as I began a dream of mine with the G.I.F.T. I couldn’t really process everything that was going on tonight, and still probably can’t. Today, I got to see her bloom again and I even did a little bit of blooming myself. As I try to gather my thoughts and write what I think and feel right at this moment, the words are hard to come by. How can that be? For me? Speechless? Yes, it does happen every now and again. But I think it is not that I don’t feel or think anything right now…I think it is that there is so much going on in my head and heart that I cannot develop clear, consice sentences to get us from one place to the next. Retracing our steps to try to recall where we were so many months ago is futile. Through it ALL, Rock, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not one. Because changing just one would take us off course and things would be different than how they are now. I choose this. You choose this. Two hands. A & E. And even though we cannot draw the road map to show others how we got here, somehow we made our own path with everything we brought with us at the time. I’m grateful for the trip and know I could not have taken it without you. It wasn’t always pretty, and it wasn’t always easy. But it is ours – yours and mine – and we will always have the yesterdays, with many more years of our tomorrows that are yet to be. What started with something so easily overlooked countless of times before, became what you see now. What we feel now. What we say now. What we know now. Two friends who could be sisters know that now is the time for us. And here we are…together. There are no other words to say that can mean more, but thank you for all I have learned from you, from the love you have given, and ultimately, for being there for me. Although some of it is a little out of focus at times, today certain aspects became very clear. We couldn’t and didn’t plan it happening this way. Today, my closest of friends, it started today for the both of us and I am so happy we did it together.

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