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I am a question-asker.  Those that know me, know that and understand that.  In fact, it has been mentioned that I ask too many questions, but I don’t think that there can ever be too many questions, can there?  But what good are getting answers if they are not the answers to the RIGHT questions?  You can ask questions all day long, and may also get those mundane answers that no one pays a second mind to most days.  But what happens if you ask yourself the RIGHT questions?  What do I want my life to say to others?  Did I give more than I took?  Am I capable of making change happen?  Is any amount of effort worth it in the end?  Who do I matter to in this world?  Why am I here?  These are the staple of questions I ask myself almost every day, along with a few others?  They also represent the questions I have asked the women of G.I.F.T. to think about as they pursue new and exciting changes in their life, because they want something different.  Everyone thinks they are alone and no one else wonders about if anyone else asks the same questions.  So what do most people do?  Continue to wander the path alone, not sure how to make it better or how to change it.  Then, something magical happens.  You come across something you read, something you see, or someone you meet that changes your life forever.  Then, you start to ask yourself more questions and the answers are not ones you seek outside of yourself, but are ones that you allow to come from inside yourself.   Your vision becomes clearer and your focus more defined and you are more confident than you ever have been before.  Because for the first time, the answers that must be accepted are there because you have asked the RIGHT questions.  Don’t ever be afraid of asking questions….because asking the RIGHT questions always leads you to the RIGHT answers.

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