As women, we…

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doubt…we question…we worry…we carry too much. It amazes me how much we can handle and yet how little can break us, too. All these strengths and weaknesses we have are amazing and can also be our downfall. It is very difficult when we fear the unknown or of letting our guard down. It has to mean more to us than it does to anyone else. It has to be what drives us to follow our hearts and be who we are meant to be. Letting go – of anything – is so difficult, but necessary to be able to move forward. There are many circumstances we cannot change – we can only control how we react to those circumstances. We still have control – maybe not all of the control we want, but we still have it. We need to do things for us – not for anyone else nor should we care what anyone else will think. Those of us that are here for YOU will support you and not criticize. Those others that find ways to put us down only win if we let them. We give them permission. And then we gripe about it. It’s our own fault. I say, “No More!” We are courageous and strong and powerful. Be true to your soul – that is what is most important of all. LET IT GO!

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