Talk about a wake up call

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Yesterday, I got back on the path I started on over 8 months ago, but didn’t realize how far off track I had gotten until I got to work yesterday morning. A co-worker called me and however I answered the phone, her reply was, “It’s you!” I told her, “Of course, it’s me. Who else would it be?” She told me that I had not been “me” for a couple of weeks now and others had noticed as well. I simply dismissed it and really did not think that my preoccupation with the weight goal had overcome my life as much as it was apparent to everyone else. Looking back, it became a focus – almost an obessession – everyday. Weighing myself two times a day was not unheard of recently. Guess what? It was making me crazy and it was apparent to everyone else except me. The scale is exactly where it has been since I bought it, but now I have no desire to even know what it says. I had self-imprisoned myself into thinking that the number at the end of my feet defines who I am. This whole process began because of something much more than making new friends, losing weight, or this blog. It began with a simple thought that came to me back in January. I find it difficult to even remember what I was like before this all began. Nothing can compare to where I am now and wherever I am going from this point forward. We all have things that become distractions and detour us from our path – just remember to follow your heart. I read a quote in a book, “That little voice you keep ignoring is the only one you should ever listen to.” – Lisa Scottoline. Be ready for your wake up call – it will come not when you expect it, but when you are ready for it. Have an awesome day.

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