Almost doesn’t count

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How many times have we said, “We almost had it” or something like it. Guess what? Almost doesn’t count. Yes, you tried. No, you were not successful. Try again. And again.  You have to keep trying.  I used to walk away from things and people that I know I gave up on too early.  It was easy and obviously if me walking away was acceptable to that someone else, I must not have mattered that much to them either.  What do you want?  Yesterday, I was frustrated at work with two young ladies that I have tried to encourage to change their behavior and attitude towards life.  Then, one accidentatly spit Mountain Dew on me and my desk.  Later, they both lied to me.  I was done.  It takes a lot for me to check out and be done and yesterday I had had it.  I was tired of their excuses about how I expected them to change their lives over night…I told them, “I did not lose 35 pounds over night.”  What are walking away from that you really want to keep trying to keep?  Why are you walking away?  That answer is easy for all of us…because it is easy.  Because you don’t have to fight for something you treasure.  But what if you wanted to try to keep it?  What would you do?  Almost doesn’t count, but at some point all of those attempts will add up to success.  Don’t ever give up.

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