A little spring in our step

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Earlier this week as I drove to work, I drove by the elementary school by boys all went to when they were younger.  I could not help but smile when I saw this little girl with a little spring in her step and she sang to herself as she hurried down the sidewalk to the front doors.  I mean, she was almost skipping.  As I thought to myself how we sometimes wish we could go back to those days when we hadn’t thought about what happens 10 years from now – what college do I go to?  What dress do I want for prom?  Our biggest concerns at that age were whether or not our friend was going to remember to save us a spot at the lunch table or if we could lead the class out to recess.  When I shared this quick sight with someone, he pointed out how naive I was about thinking that we could always live that way.  I think he missed my point and I did not get a chance to tell him that.  My bad.  The point I was merely trying to make is that this little girl still had her innocence and how sometimes, we, even as adults, need to put a little spring in out step.  Regardless and even in spite of the responsibilities that befall on us.  We can skip and sing to ourselves and we need to take a moment…no a long time…just a moment and go back in time.  That was my point.

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