Step up to the edge

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So I am usually up to most challenges and find myself being stronger and having more courage than I think I ever did before.  Even if I summed up all of those moments before up until now.  I know I really don’t have a “game plan” set up and there are no rules I am following, but I am letting my heart guide me.  This is what I am meant to do.  I shared more over the week with RE and then she pointed out that I noticed a fellow co-worker of hers that I knew many years ago, and she thought it would be nice if I surprised EM.  EM did not recognize me, probably because of the weight I have lost and it had been many years since we last saw each other.  I get her caught up on the boys and really don’t even touch base on what I am doing with my life, but RE believes that my being there was there for a reason and I didn’t even know it.  Stepping up to the edge and trying something new (mostly without a safety net) doesn’t frighten me like it used to.  I was the “play it safe” girl.  I wrote that rule book, let me tell you.  Do you know someone like that?  The C&C girl?  (Careful and Cautious)  We probably all did.  Maybe we still do.  Maybe it is someone we know REALLY well.  (Yes, that is a hint.)  Don’t be afraid of what you can’t do…you should be terrified of what you can do.  Step up the edge…conquer your fears…and fall in love with life. It is yours and yours alone.  Live it.

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