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I know you are scratching your head, thinking to yourself, “What is this girl doing?” 68 is significant is a couple of different ways and I want you to think about them as they apply to you. Not all will. One I was born in 1968, so the first time I heard Dr. Kevin Elko mention in his “Nerves of Steel” CD, I took notice. More on that in a minute. But you know how when you see a car you identify with somehow, always seems to be noticed now because you identify with it? All of a sudden the truck you just bought seems to be everywhere on the road, but in reality it was always there – you just never noticed (or a had a reason to notice) it before. This is my 68th post for this year. All of the posts last year total 67 – this means, so far I have done something more than I did last year. And we are only to mid May!!! Not even half way done and I have surpassed what I accomplished in 2010. Not a really big thing, but some thing. Back to Dr. Elko. In his “Nerves of Steel” CD, he talks about people finding their “68” – I have referred to it as your “moxie”. It is the same thing. I forget why he calls it “your 68“, so I guess I will listen to the CD and get back to you on that. Someone at work told me that she feels trapped, unsure of what to do next. She has to have faith and look deep and let go of anything bad that could happen. We all make decisions every day that could go bad – in fact, we should expect them to. But not all decisions made will end up bad – in fact, some turn out way better than we ever expected. What is your 68? Dig deep? What is your passion? Why do you hide it? Sometimes, I don’t even realize I am “showing my moxie” until someone tells me later that they loved seeing it. I am just me being me. I know I don’t always share that with those around me, but I am tired of trying so hard at not being me that my only choice is to let me be. It is too exhausting and takes too much energy to be anyone else. I am better at me when I don’t fight it. Don’t fight it anymore – find “your 68” and share it. We will all be better for it and love to see it. It is what unites us as humans. The human spirit can never be diminished in its power to inspire others to “pay it forward.”

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