Your personal philosophy: how to make it stand for something

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This morning, I attended a funeral for a 22-year-old woman who is the daughter of friends of ours and as I sat in the back row of their church, I heard story after story of how this beautiful young lady affected so many lives in a mere 22 years.  Even thought the stories shared might have included different people, the stories all had this woman’s touch on them and the people who knew her best will always remember what she believed, how she shared her gifts with the rest of us, and how, even with her death, she will be remembered for years to come.

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From the sound of it, she had written her own statement of life sometime ago and as she evolved, she evolved with it.  Sometimes, allowing it to take her to places she never thought she would go, let alone change her.

Then I remember when it happened to me.

When my life first began to change.

When the way I had lived became exposed, not as a lie, but as being incomplete.

Perhaps it was found in the place I found myself in and everything I believed in, everything I stood for, and everything I had done up to this point all came together for one sole purpose…to make me better.  To make me whole.

To this day, I cannot explain what came over me when the extreme urge to write this Wednesday morning in May, 2010, was so intense I could not put the pen down until I was done.  Literally, these words flowed from my heart and head to the paper and is now captured in my life statement. 

To this day, these words have never been changed or altered.  Yet they became something that stood for much more than I ever thought they would.  They would later become known as my manifesto.  They defined who I am – combining who I was with the person I aim to be. It confirms the way I choose to live my life while proclaiming my zest for everything yet to be decided.

felt like home

What does it mean to have a personal philosophy?

  • It means to know — within every single inch of your core and soul — who you are and to promote the way you think in every thought, in every words, and in every action.
  • It allows no room for compromises — when you “fall away” from who you truly are, you feel it.  It is “tilt” and the only way to fix it is to “right the ship.”
  • It doesn’t change — even if you’re perspective and outlook change, your philosophy remains solid and intact.  No matter what.
  • It creates chances for your TRUE self to emerge in opportunities provided with the people who will align with you.

How do you create a personal philosophy?

  • Write down your core beliefs and values — if you question any as you write them, ask why it matters to you.  If you cannot affirm your steadfast belief, then leave it off the list.
  • Read it out loud.  Read it again.  Set it down for a few days.  Reread it.  If you want to change it, if some of it doesn’t make sense, if it doesn’t not declare everything you are and believe, then change it.
  • Change the way you think, the words you use and the actions you take — if you don’t do anything with those words, why have them?  Make it your “calling card.”

Why is a personal philosophy important?

  • It reminds you of who you are — you profess what you care about, what you are willing to fight for and how you take action
  • It will be your compass — we will find ourselves lost, adrift, and misplaced.  Your philosophy will beckon you home.
  • Life will test you and tempt you — there are plenty of ways your beliefs will come under fire.  Stay strong.  Be committed to YOUR life.

 How is your life affected by your personal philosophy?

  • Your character is defined by it  — your thoughts, your words, and your actions all come together to bring harmony to everything and everyone around you.
  • Without much thinking or doing, your life becomes your calling card.  It beckons others who mirror your sense of being.
  • Once you integrate your philosophy into your daily living, you will not be able to distinguish the two — they become one.

How to make your personal philosophy stand for something?

  • Exceed expectations.
  • Give more than you should.
  • Be compassionate.
  • See the big picture (even if you aren’t in it)
  • Fight the “good” fight
  • Be truthful
  • Live your BEST life

I have no doubt that the example left by this beautiful, talented young lady will be felt for years to come and without her knowing, she creating a personal philosophy that few of us could ever begin to emulate.

[bctt tweet=””You can be anyone you want to be, but only your soul will tell you who you should be.” #MichelleAHomme #soul”]

But like with anything worthwhile, you have to start somewhere.  You have to start sometime.

And I think today is just as good as any.

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