A world this cruel still is made up of kindness

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We live in a cruel world

There are things we become aware of that are not pretty.

Some are too horrible to mention.

Things we could never imagine are very real for others.

Surrounded by negativity. hatred, and anger, it is easy to see why we struggle.

Cancer strikes the young.

The old forget the moments of yesterday.

People are sold to others in our own backyards.

Acts of terrorism take the lives of the innocent.

Tolerance for one another is at an all-time low.

Even the basic necessities of fresh water, clothing, and food is kept from those who need it most.

What happened?

The world seems to work on people who crave power and greed.

The rest are left to fend for themselves every day.

We become accustomed to the fear and doubt that comes with every new day.

Our minds become stuck and our body follow.

Believing in something better is much harder than it sounds.

Afraid of failure, we never try,

Even if we do, we give up too easily.

Never believing that hope is just around the corner.

Kindness is still simple

The other day, I was at lunch and watched kindness unfold before my eyes.

An elderly woman using a cane walked into a local fast food restaurant with the help on an employee who held the door for her.

As she approached the counter, I barely heard the softness in her voice as she placed her order.

I heard her ask for a taco and a glass of water.

She politely pulled out her ziplog back of change and asked the employee behind the counter to count her change to pay for her meal.

But I wasn’t the only one who was listening.

A man who was waiting for his order took note of this situation, just as I had.

Without hesitating at all, the man gave the employee a dollar to pay this woman’s meal and even requested that she “keep the change.”

Immediately, a smile came across my face.

The moment was over

However, these two people became forever connected because of act of kindness.

It’s not the value of the item that matters.

Last week, a woman bought an airline ticket for a man who didn’t have enough money for a ticket for his over 2-year-old daughter. (In case you missed it, here is one article.)

What matters most is that someone cared enough about another person to be kind.

To show compassion.

To be generous.

Not for fame or to be recognized.

Merely, to be human to one another.

Kindness softens the cruel world

Whether our heart is broken or we suffer from an ailment, kindness makes us feel better.

Not just mentally or physically.

Or because of a benefit we receive through that act of kindness.

It’s bigger than that…

It sends a message to us all.

Even though we may never be rid of evil or may never be free of ill will, every once in a while, we see a true heart.

One that does not need to be known.

Or one to be loud.

Opportunities to be kind are ever present — all we need to do is to take advantage of them.

Kindness may not solve all of our problems, but it makes us fall in love with the world for a little while again.

Michelle A. Homme, 2017 ©

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