The need to be inspired

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When I was talking to a friend today on the phone, I could tell I was getting into “Homme Mode.” Although the call was spurned by another purpose, I know she left the conversation better than before she called. Why do I tell you this? Because we ALL need our cups filled. Maybe not every day. Sometimes, I am the one that inspires you and other times, I am the one who is inspired by you. Lately, I have been hearing from many people about how what I write seems to hit them just as they can apply those words to their own lives and they believe that I am writing just to them. Inspiration comes from many different places, but always settles us back into the one place it resides — in our hearts. Sometimes, we are drawn to the energy and aura that someone exhibits that you barely know. We get pulled in ways we can’t even explain but we can’t help but let this invisible form work. What inspires you? Is it watching a dream come true for Olympic athletes? Is it reading about someone who somehow survives a miracle? Maybe it is watching a video about someone that has had more struggles than you could even imagine and yet they somehow give life everything they can. Words and reading work well for me, but my favorite inspiration is what I get to see. It triggers an emotion so raw, true, and warm, that I can actually feel my heart get bigger. Have you ever felt this way? When everything that is good becomes available to you and you use that power to make changes? When you get into “your mode” and you become the perfect person you always want to be. I have many stories of when I was inspired by actions of other people, and they always bring a small tear as well as a smile as I remember each one. The ones that are planned and set up are fabulous — who doesn’t cry when you see someone in our military service surprise a loved one at an event? Right? Yes, I do it, too. But there is something special about the ones I see in person or video that were never planned. This moment began without a lot of fanfare or preparation. In a split second, someone took a chance and did what we would consider “the unthinkable.” The truth is that we think it — we just don’t do it. Because it is easy or there is no reward in it, but what if our attitude became to go beyond “thinking it” and it became “the thinkable?” Emotion is triggered in our souls when our lives are filled with times of great inspiration and yet why do those moments have to come less often than we would like? If our cup is filled with feelings of giving, unforgettable memories, and momentum that cannot be harnessed, why not fill our cup as much as possible? Why wait to have the perfect moment to make something happen? To change the world? So, here is my question to you…what can you do to inspire others? And even if you find something that sets off a spark, will you do something with it? Or will you let it quietly burn out, hoping no one notices? I EMPLORE you to do “the unthinkable” and watch what happens next. Together, we can “We Can Change The World” by Disney’s Friends For Change

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©

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