Why I chose to be involved with FITGirl, Inc.

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This coming Saturday, February 6, 2016, FITGirl Inc, a non-profit organization whose soul mission is to empower teenage girls is holding the first of its kind, Wellness Expo at IL Palazzo in Omaha, Nebraska from 10am-6pm.

This event is going to be epic — with dynamic performances by dancers and singers, yoga and self-defense instruction, creative and beauty stations, along with inspiring speakers and authors and so much more!  This Mother-Daughter Empowerment Experience will knock your socks off and what a better way to spend some time with your daughter than to learn something together!

But as much as I am excited about being involved with this event and FITGirl, Inc, I also wanted to tell you why I am involved with this program.

Growing up, I didn’t have any good female role models to help me navigate the murky waters of being a teenager.  I didn’t feel like I could even trust the people who were my “so-called” friends.  I thought no one would understand and so I stuck it out on my own, fighting every single step of the way. But I still felt like no one would understand.  Just because I was a great student and played three sports in high school didn’t mean I knew who I was or had the knowledge to stand firm in my values or how to not be afraid.

I have raised three sons so I don’t know what it is like to raise daughters in today’s world, but I have always loved working with youth.  Whether it be as a small group mentor at church, as a t-ball coach, or even as a Junior Achievement Facilitator — I have always wanted to be a positive role model for kids.  Even in my last full-time job, I loved working with juveniles who needed someone to listen, someone to guide them, someone to give them a little bit of hope.

Because that is what I would have wanted for me at that age and I have the ability to make it better for someone else.

Being a teenager today is tough — there is so much pressure to fit in, to be liked, to wear the right clothes, to be smart, that it can be overwhelming.  According to FITGirl, Inc.’s founder, Cheri Dickmeyer, “FITGirl, Inc. aspires to engage young girls in both conversations and physical activities about healthy relationships, setting goals, facing fear, bullying, self-esteem, fitness, and making good choices in life.”

If you are wondering exactly what the schedule looks like for Saturday, take a look at the agenda below — it is going to be phenomenal!FITGirl agenda 2016

If you are wondering how you get tickets (ONLY $20 for a mom and daughter) click here!  But tickets will only be sold until Friday and will not be available at the door!

You will NOT want to miss this!



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