When you find what you were not looking for

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Have you ever been searching for something and not found it? Looked every where you thought it would be and still have been unsuccessful? From looking at the idea of something you thought was true only to find that your wanting something so bad actually clouded the true vision of reality? I usually do not run wearing my glasses or contacts, but can see colors and large objects. No, I have not run into a parked car yet. Plus, I have Rocky with me so she is my eyes. We have made some “running” friends at 5am and say “hi” to the regulars that we pass along our route. One morning, I happen to spot a dime in the middle of the road, almost right beneath my feet. Rocky laughed at me because she knows I cannot see but I could spot the smallest coin on the asphalt when it is dark outside. Then, a few feet later, she sees a penny that I passed right over and I pick it up. I found it ironic that those equal 11 cents – and this is the year of 2011. I kept those coins and will always keep them. Isn’t that funny? Maybe what you thought you wanted to do for a career isn’t what you end up doing because of choices you make and roads you have chosen you end up at certain doors. When you find out what you have been missing all along because you were looking for it in the wrong place, it can almost take you back. Like you are not sure what just happened, but you know it did. You may even look around to see if anyone else just witnessed what you did. Ok, maybe that is just me. When I started this journey back in January 2010 and really started to travel to places I never thought I would go, my vision of what was to be is no where close where I am now. When I went to lunch with Rocky in April of last year and when I committed to running twice a week, never did I think for one second that she would change my life. Our original PURPOSE grew into something I don’t think either one of us saw coming, but accepted with time and then our friendship grew into what we have today. How many times have we walked right past something and ignored it because we had our sights on something else? Something else we thought we needed? What about those things that fall into our laps, that make us question “why?” and “what is going on?” Be open to those ideas, people, and places that could change your life forever. Experiences and feelings newly found can be something that you never really missed because you never knew what it was like to have in the first place. When you open yourself up to taking chances and really living your life, then you will no doubt find those things bring you the greatest joy. I have grown more over these last 18 months than I can ever remember before. I will be honest – I have not been successful in finding what I was looking for as I have searched my soul recently. However, what I found instead has been more amazing, more rewarding, made me more vulnerable, and more willing to BLOOM than ever before. No regrets.

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