When you belong

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We all know what it feels like when you belong to something. In turn, we all know what it feels to be excluded from something. At times, we can do all we know to do and it still doesn’t fit “just right”, for whatever reason. Other times, we expect it to just fit from the get go, as if we have nothing to do with it. I think it feels best when you belong to something that is even bigger than you can imagine – so big that just the mere possibilities cannot be comprehended at this moment. We all belong to groups – our families, our neighborhoods, our religions. But is that just a way to identify us? But do we feel more connected when we belong with our hearts? With our soul? So connected that it is impossible to imagine being disconnected from it? Close your eyes…breath slowly and purposefully. Where do you belong? In the life you currently have or in one of your dreams? You will know when it is the way it is meant to be…you just will. You will trust your instinct like never before. Deep down, where we rarely go, in the most sacred of places, we crave to belong. We yearn for it so much that it can make a broken person whole. I read a couple of months ago about a family that adopted a man (early 20’s) to be a part of their family. He is a part of that family because he had none of his own. Can you imagine what that must feel like? It almost stuns me to think of how far I have come when I lay it all out there. I have been lost and detoured on roads towards what I thought was my final destination. I have taken a few wrong turns and have found myself surrounded by disappointments. I have come to a complete stop when it seems like nothing, really nothing, would get me moving again. I have crept along ever so slowly hoping no one would notice me. I have gone so fast that I did not appreciate what I was passing by. We have all been on these roads and others like it. Right now, I am just skipping along – faster than a crawl, able to see hazards, and slow enough to view what is before me. Skipping reminds me of my younger days when life was carefree and joyful…because it just was. My instinct to skip is like a second nature and doesn’t really require any thoughts – it just happens. That is when I know, for sure, that I belong to something bigger than myself and I know you want it to!!!

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