When time begins again…

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There are times in our life when time actually stands still. When we all can’t wait for our babies to sleep through the night and then before we know it, that baby is now keeping us up at night because we want to make sure he or she is home safe.  We would give anything to know that our son or daughter is safe just down the hallway. However, it is an illusion that prevents us from realizing that the second-hand is really moving.  Sometimes, it really doesn’t.  At least it feels that way.  Although we can look back at the months and years that have quickly faded into blurs, it still seems false when we actually accept that time has in deed proceeded — with or without us.  Unfortunately, it can be a stark reminder of many things…memories long forgotten, promises never kept, and the warmth of words shared.

How have you treated time?

  • Are you someone who thinks you have all the time in the world?

  • Do you believe that tomorrow is the best time to carry out whatever is that you need to do?

  •  Have you ever taken someone for granted, just expecting someone to be there?

  •  Made any excuses that justify your lack of making time?

If you are offended or put off by these questions, it is because you know I am talking about you.  You just don’t like being called out.  I get that.  I don’t like it either, but that is when something commands our full attention.  There are no more excuses or ways out.  No more denial or ignoring that which you should have paid attention to all along.


Because we take people and things for granted.  We forget to truly appreciate what we are blessed to have in our lives.  We assume love given unconditionally will always be there.  Not so.  Love is given and can be taken away.  We never know what it is like to lose every material possession we own, until we help with a cleanup effort in a small town after a tornado destroyed just about everything.  Simple daily tasks become burdensome and taxing.

When it all comes down to it, we lose track of time.  Maybe it isn’t because we want to, but it happens.  We get wrapped up into something so big that before we know it, we are someplace we never thought we would be.  And then, we are unsure how to get back.  But that is what is neat about time…it can begin again.

Imagine this…

We all have 24 hours in a day.  No one has any more or any less.  Generally speaking.  That means 86,400 seconds.  I know that sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.  And because it sounds like a lot, we falsely believe that we can waste a few seconds here and there.  No one will notice…well, I won’t even notice.  But how many stories of near misses have we heard of or someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time?  When that ONE second made every bit of difference? How many of us would beg for a second if we knew what would take place after?  Maybe we don’t want that one second back…maybe we just want one more second to make it better.

It has been said that “the greatest gift we can give to someone else is our time.”  You can’t waste a single year, day, minute, or second.  I know you think you can, but you can’t.  Time will come knock on your door when you least expect it and it will shake you.  It will rattle you like an 6.8 earthquake and then walk away, as if nothing mattered.

Time is not guaranteed or granted to all of us.  Some of us have less time than others, unfortunately.  But when we focus on what matters, what we want, and what we need to get there, time becomes our friend.  It becomes something we welcome, with loving arms.  We treasure those priceless moments and we understand what it feels like when time begins again.  It is refreshing and new and exciting.  It becomes a new catalyst for all that will become and from that moment on, everything is different.

I have believed in “IT STARTS TODAY” from the very beginning.  It doesn’t start tomorrow or next week. It starts today.  Time will move faster than we think it will.  Believe me…especially today.  Believe in your tomorrows and treasure your yesterdays.  But let your time begin again…today.

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©


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