When things get dropped in your lap

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Isn’t it funny how things happen? Things that don’t really seem that significant but then set off a chain of events that become so eerily connected that you cannot ignore them? It would be impossible to do so. I think events that happened one day to KR has her attention. Now, I am learning that she is a Dr. Spock, like me…always thinking, analyizing, processing, evaluating scenarios, etc. However, in a matter of hours, she found out how connected people really are without her even knowing that they were connected. I might forget a few things, but this is how it was told to me. Wednesday, she stumbles upon my blog from a posting through facebook. She reads through the most recent post and sends me, “Atta, girl.” Then, she go into Rocky’s store, but she is not really sure why. Maybe because I mention it. Then, she sees something on the counter that triggers another thought related to a product. Later that day, she sees the same person who had talked to Rock about that product at a mere passing as she dropped off some items. Kind of spooky, huh? It was almost like six degrees of separation, but not from from what or whom. But, it got her to listen up. Things fall into our laps from time to time and we are not even sure why, what are to do with them, or how they got there to begin with. But, it almost undoubtedly gets us thinking. What did that come to me today? I recently told someone what I wrote about her the first time I met her back in February 2010. I wrote about the fear that held her back and the person she was yet to be. I saw the potential that was hidden and unfulfilled and knew she was more. But she wasn’t sure. I said she would change people’s lives and people would be better for her sharing her life with others. Of course, when I wrote that, never did I think that one of those changed lives would be mine. However, I am extremely grateful that it is. You see, the person I wrote about was Rocky. When we tell the story of how we met, people are looking for a connection that will make sense. But the truth of the matter is that she simply was walking by my office one day – she was dropped in my lap. I did not expect it, wasn’t looking for it, but it came anyway. That’s when we start to pay close attention to what we see in front of us. When we realize that we cannot plan anything, but there is a plan for everything. Even hardship and grief are meant to teach us something. This morning, when I realized we were out of milk, I was frustrated. Then, I turned on my new favorite song and forgot about my frustration. Guess what, people?? Things will come your way and you will start to wake up and figure it out. Right, KR?

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