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What do you see from where you are?  Can you see for miles or is there a layer that prevents you from seeing far at all?  This week, I was talking with someone about possibility and was surprised and his outlook with his “predictable” look on life.  I get it…you see that was me, too.  I thought that what was right in front of me was all there ever could be and even that took work because I planned for it.  I never looked past that point — I could not imagine more.  I was afraid to imagine more.  For years, I was proof that if something bad was going to happen, it would find its way to my doorstep.  I have minded my own business, been standing on the sidewalk, and the next thing I know the proverbial “bus” came by and ran me over.  And just for good measure, would find a way to do it again and again.  There were no skid marks — that would imply that they realized what they were doing and tried to stop.  Nope…didn’t happen.  Is it better to know or to believe?  If you can imagine more, why can’t there be more?  If you can imagine different, why not work hard so you get different?  Believe me, there are days when my view is clouded with negative thoughts, thinking I am lost, and wondering how I can make it all work.  Maybe that is you, too.  You are not alone.  But, what if you started to take off the blinders and really see all that is possible…all you ever dreamed of…all there is to life?  What would you see?  How would you paint that picture?  What colors would you use?  Who would you want to be there with you?  How would the smallest of steps forward make you feel?  It is not always about the big picture, but you have to see the big picture in order for you to keep working towards it.  Does that make sense?  There are going to be days when you think nothing you did that day matters.  You can leave a conversation thinking the outcome will be different from what it really is.  Been there.  And if there is one thing that I have learned in these past four years is to have no expectations.  You can never be disappointed.  EVER. I expect nothing and then am pleasantly surprised.  However, the expectations I have of myself are a completely different story.  What are doing (or not doing) that you want to change?  I see pictures of fit and trim women and I say to myself, “I want to look like that!” but I don’t change what I do so that I can be that fit and trim woman.  You want different, you have to think different.  You have to do different.  And when you do both, you will see …  “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

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