We are all tarnished

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We all have been broken at one time or another. We all have scars, some deeper than others, that may never ever go away. We all have some bit of tarnish on us that may be caked on so thick that we think it will never be washed clean. Guess what? When those times come, it is up to us to determine what happens next. We can choose to feel sorry for us (no one likes coming to the Pity Party)and live in regrets and the past or us that information and grow. How do you want to live your life? It just simply amazes me when people become so focused on the past that they forget to live today. The other group of people who amaze me are those that are so preoccupied on the future that living for today doesn’t ever cross their minds. TODAY. We all have things we wish we could take back or change. Guess what? We only know that we want to change those things because they turned out bad (or at least not the way we wanted them to). Knowing that we are all in the same boat, with different oars and different skills can make this travel of ours much more easier. Doing what is right doesn’t have to be difficult. It just has to be right. Accepting each other for what has brought us to this point encourages us to truly love one another without exception. Words we say, actions we take, and thoughts we think all impact those around us, including us. Your perspective changes when your attitude changes. We all have good days and bad days. Know we are there at one time or another…we all shine, even through the stains. That is when we shine the brightest…in spite of the tarnish

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