Vantage Point

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This is also a movie title with Dennis Quaid, where there are many different people at this political gathering but because of where they are, they have different vantage points and see different things. Yesterday, I changed my vantage point. I know you are going to think I am crazy (yes, the jury is still out on that one. LOL), but since it was warm yesterday (near 40), I went for a run outside. The sun was out and I wanted to get it done before it went down and it turned colder. I had been thinking that once it got to be warmer (like March), that I would run my normal route backwards. Now, that does not mean running backwards, but running the streets in the opposite direction. That will really throw Rocky off when she gets back to running again. I cannot tell you how new running that old route just in the opposite direction felt. I mean, I have run the same route at 5am in the morning, for 6 days a week, for about 8 months. But this felt different. It felt new and exciting and I was grateful for the time to be able to do it. I don’t think it was related to me running during the daytime instead of early morning and I don’t think it was related to not running for a month either. On my way, I saw a woman who needed help with her car and I went over to see if I could do anything. Here is where the vantage point comes in – if I had chosen to run my normal route the way I had always run it, I would have run past her and never saw her. This way, she was in my line of sight and watched many cars just drive past her. One woman actually yelled at us to “move the car” because we needed her added input to remind us that we shouldn’t leave the car out in the middle of the road. I guess the point of this post is to remind us to look at things from different perspectives. My route was familiar in that I knew which street to turn on, but made the run more enjoyable because of what I was seeing. Remind yourselves today to look at other viewpoints as a way of seeing the bigger picture. We get conditioned to just look at the world a certain way instead of really trying to understand what other people are dealing with in their lives. Be humble and grateful for your blessings. Remember, we cannot have our side without their being another side.

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