Two hands, Part 2

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When I was out for my run today, I kept remembering this picture that is on my wall in my office. I forgot to mention some of the things that two hands can do and what it means in my last post. I could have added it to my previous post, but thought it would be easier just to type a brand new post. A “knuckle touch” cannot be done nor is it as much fun unless you share it with someone else. You cannot give a “high-five” to yourself. It amazed me how much can be communicated with a simple touch like this and what it means. In times of nervousness and the unknown, someone holding your hand through scary times can make all the difference in the world. Even when you don’t think you need it. Even when you think it seems silly or you didn’t ask for it. Someone did that for me a couple of months ago because she wanted to make that time easier for me. I could have done it without her and never asked her to do it, but she did. I am not sure why. I felt safe and secure when someone is there with me. Love is transferred in this easy act, that we forget that sometimes. We try to make things fancy and super and that is not what it is about. It is about showing someone that you care and that you are willing to give freely of the love and tenderness you offer. There are some things that just cannot be done with one hand and other things can be done with one or two hands. Then, there are those things that can only be done with two separate, hands. Two hands remind us that there are people beyond ourselves that are there for us and would do simple things to make it better, in good times and bad. As I said previously, two hands are always better than one.

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