The truth we fail to see every day

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What we don’t see

With the way the world runs, there are a lot we miss.

Things we don’t see.

Maybe we don’t do it on purpose.

But it still happens.

Some things happens so slowly, its impact isn’t felt immediately.

It’s there.

We are so focused on what is directly in front of us we miss it.

I do it too.

Today, I was at a store waiting in line.

An employee was about 20 feet from me and was trying to get my attention.

I didn’t see her.

Even with her hand waving, I didn’t see her.

Looking directly in her direction, what she was trying to communicate with me just wasn’t registering.

Finally, the woman behind me told me to go over to the other counter.

We are in a fog

Some days, I think we are in a fog.

Lost somewhere else.

If someone would have asked me, “What were you thinking about?” I couldn’t have given them an answer.

On auto-pilot.

Going through motions.

Almost robotic in nature.

Mot of us wouldn’t recognize where we are, even if we knew.

Our perceptions of the world seem tainted.

Therefore our experiences are blurred as well.

Where is our truth?

Are we able to find our truth in the middle in the middle of the murkiness we find ourselves in?

Do we look for it in places that seem to be blemished with its own shade of darkness?

Can we decipher what is true and what is false anymore?

Our truth is where it has always been…


The truth of being human and connecting to one another as humans.

Accepting one’s honest word as a promise.

Following through on deeds vowed to be completed.

Yet that simple truth is negated and tossed around as if it is meaningless.

Find a way

We cannot continue on this path of destruction.

It will proceed unless we stop it.

Doing so will not be easy.

It will require time and effort.

And it cannot be done alone.

For this is not just my truth.

Just as it is not just your truth.

It is our truth.

Let’s find a way to make it happen as much as we want it to be true.

First, we must see what’s missing.

Then ensure it is never misplaced every again.

Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©

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