“There are good times still to be had”

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As I was flipping through the channels today, I happen to hear the above phrase and thought it was most appropriate. Do you know that it is ok to be happy? One friend I saw today said she has laughed more recently than she has in a long time….I am so happy for her although in doing so, it means a different kind of like for her and her family. EZ – there are still good times to be had. We just need to know that it is ok to look for them, enjoy them, and really treasure them. I have said it more than once, but I have been having a ball living my life these almost 2 years now. Some people don’t get it, and I can’t always explain it. Another friend I had not seen in a while and I got a little caught up today as well. She told me that liked the old “Homme” so she cannot imagine what this “Homme” is like. I told her that this one is SO MUCH better. I apologized to her for not really letting her see the real me. Before we parted, I told her I loved her. Not sure what she thought, but I really don’t care. The point was for her to hear it from me, with me being very open with her. Maybe for the first time when I was completely open with her. CW – glad we are where we are….Good times are exciting and just around the corner every day. Some we have to look for in order to have them. Other times, the opportunities just come to us. Even we are not sure that that was the intention. But as I look back at easy, seemingly insignificant details, I have to chuckle quietly. So far, I have had a lot of good times….some not so good, too. But I realize that when I focus on the good, I see the good. I love the good times. Just know that you can still have good times…and they are yours for the taking. ENJOY!!!

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