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The Look can tell you what you need to hear, even when you don’t want to listen.
The Look can say, I love you”, even when you think they don’t.
The Look can bring you a smile when you can’t find a reason to.
The Look can be a comfort when you have sorrow in your heart.
The Look can explain something when you are full of questions.
The Look can remind you of past memories long forgotten.
The Look can welcome you with open arms when you need it most.
The Look can show pride when someone you love does something outstanding.
The Look can take you home again when that might be the last place you would go.
The Look can accept without judgment, when you have disappointed others.
The Look can share a story when you can’t find the words.
The Look can encourage you to find truth when you are unsure of where it is.
The Look can inspire you to change when you realize you want something different.
The Look can make you dig deep when you are afraid to go below the surface.
The Look can suggest “I can’t” when really you have just given up.
The Look can change at a moment’s notice when you find its message.
The Look can tell you more than you ever thought possible. After all, it is just a look.

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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