The library called: Your life is overdue

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Seriously?  The library? Wait…

Life has taken us places we never thought we would go and allowed us to experience things we could never have imagined.  But we are still missing something.   It wells up into a knot when we toss and turn at night.  The smiles we share, especially this time of year, are hollow and filled with the sting of a two-bit thief.  We have lost our will to make our life more than what it is because we feel overwhelmed and lack the energy to do anything about it.  If we could, we would fall asleep standing up.

But what is life really about?  Is it about shuffling kids off to school, hurrying through the commuter traffic, barely eating your lunch, to hurry home only to rush out the door again to get someone to a doctor’s appointment or dance class.  We get it.  We are there too.

But do you think we have just gotten so bad at time management that we just get swallowed, barely visible?  Barely breathing?



We try not to wretch when the sour taste of life spills over into the things that once brought us joy.  But it has become a stain that just won’t leave.  And we accept that there is no escape.

“I have no idea of where I am, let alone where to start!”

” I just want it to be better!”

“I’m lost…can you help me?”

How many of you feel so overwhelmed, that you almost welcome a sick day for yourself just so you can get caught up on your rest and allow your body to recuperate after the punishment you have just put it through?  How many of you would feel guilty (yes, I said it..the “G” word) if you took some much-needed “ME” time?

I get it.  Life is hard. We have loved the life we have lived so far, but we are missing something.  We aren’t getting it.  Others seem to have a better grip on this life thing, what’s my problem?  We have tried to name it, but can’t.  Our energy is so sapped that this is as far as we go.  As that heavy sigh leaves our lungs, we are left with another reminder of the life we claim to be ours.

But is it really ours?

You bet it is!

never own you


If your life is really yours, then it doesn’t need to be returned to the library or rechecked out.  You own it!  But instead, quite the opposite has happened.  The life you cherish so much has developed its own obsessiveness that you don’t feel like you can relinquish its grip.

But that’s not true.  How?

You start by taking a stand.  You start by stop being a victim you your circumstances and you start dictating how your mental game is going to change everything going forward.  Once you change how you think, you can change anything.  Including what you do.  And once that happens, nothing is ever the same again!

I know it is scary to think that you could totally turn your world upside down, but if you are unhappy with what you have now, why not give your chance to be happy with something new?  We have but a few short breaths allowed between the first one we take and the last one, so let’s see what we do with them!

Now, many of you have already backed away.  You have your hands up, ensuring your safety.  You can pretend we didn’t have this conversation.  Go ahead.


I have your attention.  Now what?  Well, for starters lets start living life instead of getting through life.  There is a HUGE difference.  Oh and if you think you are alone, you aren’t.  There are so many people who are disdained with their quality of life that they would welcome a fresh start.  The despair that strangles their very existence prohibits them from believing in something different.

It will not be easy.  It will tear at your heart, and kick you in places no one should mention.  You are going to ask yourself too many questions, but the answers will always be there for you.  They may not be the answers you were looking for…

There comes in point in everyone’s life when we have to choose.  We can stay where we are and be miserable or take a chance to be happy.

We have all felt that knot before…it is when you ask someone out for the first time.  When you come in to pitch when the game is on the line.  When you buy your first car.  When everything you didn’t know about yourself all comes rushing to the surface and doubt and fear settle in your stomach where your lunch used to be.  But as much as you try to hide your concern, you also cannot help but be excited too.  You know you are.  It’s okay to admit it.  (I am too!)

So, here is what I want you to do…

  • Make a list of everything you want to be different in your life.  It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, so write down everything you don’t like.

  • Now, cross of everything you can’t change.

  • Next to everything that is still on your list, write down ONE thing you can do to make that better.

  • Finally, prioritize the list.

  • Put the list where you can see it every day.

It is going to be like nothing you have ever done before and you will be better for it in the end.  I know it.  Who has ever been to that point when you are stopped in your tracks and know you can’t go back, but even taking one more step makes your stomach curdle and you just want to pull your car over to the side of the road as you heave your lunch from just a few hours ago?

Isn’t it time that you bought the “book” instead of just borrowing it every so often? Life gives us one shot.  And when our last breath comes, we can say that we choose how to live, not the other way around.

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©


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