The 4 Ways We Cheat The World Every Day

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We are all cheaters

Next to liars, I dislike cheaters just the same.

If someone called me a cheater, I would adamantly refute that accusation.

In fact, I would be angry.

Chances are you would be too.

Deep down, I know I cheat.

So do you.

Like you, I don’t meant to be fake.

But let’s be brutally honest with one another…

…we are hypocritical.

Preach but don’t practice

It’s easy to call someone else a cheater, but difficult to call ourselves one.

It stings to hear those words, doesn’t it?

To think that someone believes we are not be truthful.

That we are unwilling to put in the work.

That we refuse to admit our shortcomings.

I’ve been there.

I am sure you have too.

Still don’t believe me?

Read more…

Are you sure you are ready for this?

This is going to hurt.

Here goes nothing:

1. We don’t share our gifts and talents.

Take a hard look inside and honestly tell me you are sharing every gift you’ve been given. Whether you were born with it, developed it over time, or it just showed up one day. Tell me something you do so effortlessly is out there — ready for the world to take it in. Yeah, I thought so. Every single moment you stand in the shadows, you cheat us all. Whatever your excuse is, know you are being selfish by hiding who you really are as you withhold all you can be. You never know how something you hold within you can change us — how it can give us a different perspective, show us a little magic, or even share a simple experience that embeds itself into our hearts forever.

2. We don’t speak up or act.

We tell ourselves that if “this ever happened, I would _______________.” Why do you think everyone loves to watch “What would you do?” hosted by John Quinones? Because that show is a true test of our commitment to who we really are. We miss moments every day — moments when someone just saying a few words of encouragement can give someone hope. Where buying a grocery cart full of food for a family without hesitating can remind us all that there is still good in this world. Life will test us and it grants us opportunities to show our true colors. Too bad we would rather wait for someone else to do something about it. These times call us to be brave. To put others first, regardless of what it costs us.

3. We don’t give ourselves permission to fail.

Raised on perfection and photo shop, we are extremely hard to please. Especially when it comes to our own performance. Whether we work in a factory, and office, or are on the road, we pretend to more knowledge than we have or find a way to blame someone else for something we did (or didn’t do). Learning is something we are always doing so we have expect to make mistakes every once in a while. Remember that our greatest successes come from knowledge and wisdom. We cannot move forward without either.

4. We don’t fight for something.

No matter who we are, we have all had moments when we were ready to just walk away. To be done. To say, “I’ve had enough.” And no one would blame us, right? They get it. It’s easy to quit. People do it all the time. Every day. We walk away from jobs, from relationships, and more. Pride and shame become what guides us instead of love and forgiveness. When we refuse to step towards something we really want and don’t let go of it — no matter how much it hurts, no matter how long it will take, no matter what other people say, we find a fierceness and commitment most people will never experience. It changes us and when the next fight comes along, we know we will be ready.

In the end…

…there are more ways we cheat.

Without even realizing it.

None of us are immune to it.

Not even me.

We even cheat the world out of our love, out of our compassion, out of our kindness.

Escaping it is not an option.

Instead, we must learn to take advantage of the moments afforded to us.

We must be authentic and vulnerable.

Allowing the world to see us as we truly are.

Complete with faults and gifts still untapped.

Full of promise and hope, let’s make this world better together.

Michelle A. Homme 2018 ©

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