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Great morning to you all!!! Got up today and took advantage of the 30+ degree weather and am trying to get back into shape with running my normal 5 miles a day. Plus, I heard we are supposed to get a couple of inches of snow today and then maybe 6 or more by Wednesday (when is spring here?). Right now, I am feeling so good and want to share! I am at the edge of the “proverbial” pool – ready to jump in with both feet. I have shared more of my dream with my husband and as much as he supports me, he thinks I won’t have time to add one more thing into my already crammed schedule. However, I know I do better with time management when I am living in “cram-mode”. I have to at least give it a try. I know there are a lot of unanswered questions and even if I plan everything out, it still may not go as I thought or planned, so I have to be willing to adapt. I am sharing more of my dream with others to get their opinions and letting them see what I really want to do. I have to be willing to take those chances (I like the word “chances” instead of “risks” – sounds less riskier :-)) if I am going to change my life, and hopefully, lives of others. I worked more on my presentation this weekend with Rocky’s help. She is the Queen of that Powerpoint stuff. Thanks, Rock! Even though my initial focus group might be for teenagers, she told me that she wants to hear me speak. I asked her why. Her response took me by surprise – she said she wants to hear what I say. Maybe she thinks she will learn something, too. I know she believes in me and I have other “Micks” that are in my corner, too. I sent my presentation to someone who could help me take my dream to the next level, so we will see what he thinks. I will keep you in the loop as things change. Guess what? Ask yourself what chances are you willing to take today? We all agree that there are no guarantees so you really have nothing to lose. Otherwise, regrets creep in and settle in places that are dark and never really forgotten. Believe me…Have a Marvelous Monday!!!

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