Standing on a star

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Has this ever happened to you? When you felt like there was nothing bigger than you, right at that moment, and NOTHING could change it? Today, that is how I feel. Like I am standing on a star. Not because I am better or bigger than anyone else, but today is a day for me. People that know me very well know that I am not one to shout, “Yay for me!”, but today is different. It is different because tonight is another piece of the puzzle coming together regarding my dream. I have two passions and dreams – one, to be a life coach for women and that began two months ago with the G.I.F.T. and two, to be a motivational speaker for teenagers and my first speech for that is tonight. People have asked me if I’m anxious or nervous about tonight but I’m really not. I really like my speech and the one person who got the trial run beforehand, liked it too. I made some minor additions (can’t believe I forgot THE question…LOL) and I hope it gets people to think, but it may not affect just the teenagers in the room. Maybe the impact is greater. I do not know what comes next. It really doesn’t matter and is out of my control. I can only continue to do what I am doing, giving it my all, and things will happen as they are meant to. Today is another step towards everything I see in my future. I also want to thank everyone who has been on this crazy ride with me…I would not be here without you and hope you know how much you mean to me. TYFE. So tonight, when you look up at the night sky, you just might see me as I will be standing on the brightest star! Atta, girl!

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