Sometimes, life is just hard

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It is difficult to know what to do next…actually, that is not true. It is easy to know what to do next when I allow my heart to lead, but reality sets in and makes me take stock of what else I must consider. Other issues outside of this makes it hard to fix as well. I have asked people I trust what I can do to rectify that situation and they are at a loss just as much as I am. How can I explain what I feel deep down and what I believe my destiny is to someone who is not necessarily speaking the same language I am? I know that what I am taking on will take more of my already time-consumed day, where I have to balance everything I have in it. How? One breath at a time is the only answer I can come up with right now. I know this is just temporary and I will get through it. Not sure how or when, but I will. We are presented with small reminders of what makes us realize that we cannot get where we want to go, without some small hurdles and detours. I was planning on spending some time this weekend to get some things done that need almost immediate attention, but I did pretty much none of it. I felt deflated, like a balloon slowly losing air. However, I will not be defeated. This is a test…and it will pass. I just have to keep working at it and eventually success and triumph will come my way. I know this post is not one of the familiar ones you might be used to, but this one is real-life and you all can relate to it. Some days, I don’t feel like I show my “moxie” or “bloom”. Need to go for a run and clear my head. Hope your day is a great one.

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