Show Up On The Days You Dont Feel Like It

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Some days we just don’t have it

As some who spends her days writing to inspire and to influence people just like you to live more inspired, I have a small confession to make.

One that might make you shake your head as you quietly say, “I knew it. She’s a big fraud.”

“Here she is trying to be positive with her quotes and she can’t even keep herself motivated.”

I’d be lying if I told you that some days, I am just not “feeling it.”

When I question if anyone is reading what I write.

Whether or not if any of this matters.

Some days are just harder than others.

We may not even know why, but it can’t be ignored.

It is staring us right in the face and there is no way around it.

Ever had a day like that?

When you know you have to go to work, but don’t really feel like it?

Or when you have to spend time with people who just suck every ounce of life out of you?

Chances are, you have.

I had one of those days a few weeks ago.

No one knew it happened, but I could feel it.

In fact, I was quite surprised by its appearance, as it seemed to materialize out of nowhere.

Deep down, this wasn’t just a day I didn’t want to write.

It was more like a day where I wanted to run and hide and never look back.

I knew that feeling well

In fact, there are many moments when I did exactly that.

When I bolted because of a fear I couldn’t quite describe.

One I believe no one would truly understand.

It was real.

It was paralyzing too.

The dilemma of feeling the need to run and knowing I can’t.

Knowing that I have to stay and fight through this day.

Trusting more in who I am than where I would go from here.

The truth is, I wouldn’t know where to go from here.

So I told myself to stay put

To let that fear subside.

To let it work its way through me, leaving small lessons for me along the way.

I had to be strong.

To show up anyway.

None of you ever had an inkling either.

I wanted it that way.

However, it is also important that I share this with you.

To admit that even I am not perfect and have “off” days too.

In some ways, I let myself come back to center and refocus on my inner peace.

In other ways, I allowed the words of others remind me of who I am (and who I am not).

Keep life real

I am not one to be fake, let alone someone who is a fraud.

What you see, what you read, is genuine.

We all have days when something stands in our way of moving forward.

It might hit us out of nowhere or it might be a bunch of small things that finally tip the scale and we fall.

I could have lied to you.

I could have never shared this story with you.

Life is nothing if it isn’t authentic.

In my vulnerable state, you find an honest woman.

One who admits to the days when nothing seems to work in our favor.

When we are unsure of what to do next and feel lost at the same time.

Don’t let a temporary moment take hold of something we both know can never be destroyed.

Even on those days, show up.

Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©

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