Shooting star

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You are a shooting star — you just have to shine for us to see.  I know what you are thinking — you’re thinking I’m not talking to you.  But, guess what, I am talking to YOU.  Yes, you.  Don’t turn around or look for more fingers to be pointing at someone else.  You are meant to shine.  Have you ever seen someone shine?  I have had the absolute privilege of seeing it and it is so awesome.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Where excitement and joy are seen on someone’s face and you feel it — because it is what their heart feels too?  Nothing makes my heart soar more than watching a shooting star fly across the sky.  Have you ever been given a chance to shine?  If so, did you take it?  What happened when you did?  What happened when you didn’t?    The crazy thing is that we are ALL given moments — even little ones — every day where we can shine.  I have recently been surrounding myself with people who shine with what they believe, how they view life, and what kind of life they want to live and it reenergizes me to do the same.  Feeling that connection to people, especially other women, confirms what I have found to be true — we all are like the stars we see every night.  Some stars shine brighter than others.  Some you hardly see, but you know that they are still there.  Others create a pattern when they are lined up in such a way that it begins to look like a “dipper” or sign of the zodiac.   Do you think you have to do something huge or spectacular to shine?  The secret is that you don’t.  Shining can be thinking of someone else — not because of a special reason — but just because they matter to you.  Shining can be loving unconditionally with no expectations.  You are meant to be the real you and that means that you are meant to shine.  Because at those moments — those moments when you shine — you are being the real you.  And because you are meant to give your gifts away, it is in those gifts that brightness becomes a way for us to be bold.  But it does not end there.  When we glow…when we sparkle…when we shine…like shooting stars…we create change and courage that can never be dimmed.  It never fades, even if we think we don’t see it like the stars that are hidden in a cloudy sky.  When was the last time you saw a shooting star?  Don’t you want to just pinch yourself and hope someone else was there to see it with you?  The last time you saw a shooting star very well could be that person sitting next to you at work every day.  Maybe it is your neighbor, the waiter at your favorite restaurant, or a high school teacher in your home town.  And maybe that shining star that we keep looking up into the sky for is someone a little closer.  Because YOU are that shooting star.. shine, my friend, shine.   Wherever you are!!   “Shooting Star” by Owl City

Michelle A. Homme 2013 ©

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