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I hope this finds everyone safe, warm, and with loved ones during this wonderful holiday season. Our family just returned from a (much-needed) vacation and enjoyed our Christmas Day as well with my mom. Next weekend, we will be off to the in-laws for a visit. This vacation was the first one in a very long time where relaxing on the beach for 8 hours was what we intended to do and therefore, the perfect day. Our boys would stop by and check in, get something to eat and head back to the pool. I highly recommend a visit to the Cancun, Mexico area for everyone. In fact, we are already planning another trip back there within 5 years. I got up and ran 3 times on the beach at sunrise – which was absolutely breathtaking. Every time, I wished Rocky was with me – she would have loved the view and seeing the sun come up on the horizon is one of my favorite memories from this trip. One friend dared me not to run, so I guess I lost on that one. She knew I would not be able to resist. We also included somethings into our vacation that I might had been a little nervous about (ziplining from tower to tower high above the jungle), but I did it and loved every minute of it. I am not sure what my attitude towards those new experiences would have been a year ago, but I sure enjoyed it this past week. I felt alive, with no worries, and loving every minute each new day would bring. Fear was not something that I felt as I climbed down three stories into a fresh water cave to swim. You can see the absolute joy on my face in some of the pictures. I am home now, getting ready to head back to work tomorrow and anxiously awaiting life’s new quirks with open arms. I hope that your New Year brings you much joy as you celebrate your life and the story it tells to those around you. When you are not at your best, remember that you are loved, treasured, and mean the world to at least one other person, but usually more than we think. Be refreshed and take time to also laugh and be groovy, too. Life is more fun that way. Happy Holidays.

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