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What is your absolute dream? I mean, what really sends your thoughts racing and opens your heart to be free? Ok, now that you have identified it, what is stopping you from achieving that dream? Let me guess…it is one of these four reasons…1. money; 2. fear of failure; 3. do not have enough time to pursue it; 4. not the right time in your life. Now, let’s assume that money is no object; you are ready to succeed; can devote the time to follow your dream; and now is the perfect time. What would you do then? Would you fully commit to following your heart and therefore getting your dream? Since most of these reasons are not something that we can control, are you still willing to take a chance? Don’t you want to say “I tried.” I have my best moments when I see others have theirs. Nothing makes me more humble and appreciative to hear that I have inspired others to make changes in their lives. Sometimes, I do not have to participate to feel the glory – I just need to see it in someone’s face. To hear the excitement in their voice, to see the passion in their eyes, to feel the joy in their heart – will always give me goosebumps and make me smile. I am not sure what I expected when I started this 10 months ago; in fact, it would be pretty safe to say that I did not expect anything. For the planner, type-A personality that I am, I find that very interesting. My entire life, I have calculated and analyzed (just like Dr. Spock from Star Trek!) and then and only then, have determined which outcome would offer the best results. Yet, I have done none of that with this process. Maybe I was holding on too tight – trying to control everything. You cannot lose control of something that you hold on to, right? Yet, surprisingly enough, it was only when I chose to let go, with no expectations or plans, did things actually work out better, maybe even better than I might have planned. I believe that everyone has a common dream – to leave your mark on this world and hope that after you are gone, that people remember what you meant to them and the deeds you accomplished. Even if one of those four reasons is stalling your dream, it does not mean, it should still not be pursued. My dream is to help you be better at being who you are – believing that you are valuable, wonderful, and can shine when you let it. Someone once told me that if I waited until I could afford kids to have them, I never would. Then, why wait to fulfill a dream? The best part is when dreams come true and you are there to see it. Dare to dream – and dream big!

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