Planting the seed and walking away…

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Over the weekend, I have a very interesting conversation with a complete stranger who happened to be seated next to me on an airplane as he traveled home and I snuck away for a few days.  Trying to make the three hours flight go a little quicker, Mr. V and I struck up a conversation that began with me asking him what he did and he told me he was embarrassed to tell me.  I asked him to tell me and he eventually told me that he works in maintenance.  I quickly told him that the job he holds is what he does and is not who h is as a person.  I am not sure what Mr. V started thinking at that moment, but I had him thinking.  Of course, he agreed with me.  Before I knew it, we had some similar stories to share and I found myself in “Homme” mode, as someone calls it.  I tell this 25 year old young man about how my book will be ready in about four weeks and as I shared with him about the basic premise for the book, I see him processing my words and how they can apply to his life.  I am not certain that I said anything to him that he didn’t already know and believe, but maybe I gave him permission to do something about what he knows and believe.  Of course,  I asked him questions — some of which he had no answers to (but maybe he will someday) and maybe others prompt even more questions which will lead to honest answers.  Mr. V takes great pride in his work and although he may be unsure of what direction takes him towards his dream, I saw his potential.  I know what that looks like as I have seen it in others…sometimes, even before they saw it.  Why I am sharing this with you?  Because we ALL have opportunities to plant the seed — to leave our mark on others that we encounter if we just try.  Some seeds, we get to see grow.  Others, we never see grow, which is what I expect will happen with Mr. V.  Now maybe…just maybe, this 25 year old will look at life a little differently because of something I said to him as a result of a chance meeting some 30,000 feet in the air.  Little did he know what he was getting when he was given the seat next to me.  He had no idea what was going to happen with someone that loves to plant the seed and walk away.  For too many years, I just walked away without every giving anyone a reason to remember me.  I didn’t think that I had anything worth remembering.  I never stayed anywhere long enough to plant the seed.  I think I never felt like anything I had was worth planting — let alone something that would actually grow.  Has that been you?  Only left to wonder if what you offer the world is good enough for the rest of us?  There have been moments where I have planted the seed and was lucky enough to have been around to watch that seed bloom more beautifully every day.  On some special moments, I still see the bloom.  Then there are those other moments, where I plant the seed and walk away, never truly knowing if what I said made a difference or not.  But this time, I am thinking it did.  How do I know?  Towards the end of our conversation, Mr. V asked me for the website information and maybe, just maybe, he has a great story to tell as well.  Don’t worry about never hearing about who you impact…just believe you did…and walk away with a smile on your face and grace in your heart.  This is your life…tell your story…it is a great one…   “Story of Your Life” by Matthew West

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