People can change

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Some people are very cynical and do not believe that people can change. I am here to tell you that they can. Not just on the outside, either. People can choose to change what they want to change. And it is not just a one time choice, either. It has to made over and over. So many times, I find it easier to go back to my old life, my old ways of doing things, my old thoughts. Yes, there are times when I falter and step back into “the old me”, but I do not stay there long. I choose to not be there. I choose to be “the new me” and make that conscious decision every day. I have seen people change, on the outside and the inside. I have done both. People hold onto those things that they cannot change or forgive and so they expect the worst and always will. They pout and bring others down. People change when they see others change. Then, they believe it is possible. Anything is possible. I was thinking this morning how many times people want to change something little in their lives, but don’t. The change doesn’t have to be something HUGE like, “curing cancer”, but can be something little. Something new. Like putting peanut butter in oatmeal to make it taste better because you don’t like oatmeal, but want to eat better. One step at a time can propel you into taking more steps. More steps means you are moving and with that movement comes change. Change you will see. Change people will admire. Change people will choose to be a part of and encourage them to change what you see now. It can be different.

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