Oct 1st – drum roll, please.

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If any of you have been following along, then you will know why today is significant. Back in March, when my running partner asked me the most difficult question of what would I change about myself if I could change anything, and I answered I wanted to lose weight (originally 20 pounds then 30) by October 1st, never in my wildest dreams did I think this day would come. Many mornings, I pulled myself out of bed at 5am knowing she would be at my house. You have all read about how she would tell me when it was ok to stop and how she can’t count to 10, with her “10 more steps” bit. Though I only run with her twice a week, somehow from somewhere, I found the desire and dedication to be a runner. I cannot explain where it came from. Never did I think I would be successful or fail at this goal, I just let it happen. This past week, I have been very apprehensive about our friendship ending because this goal is over and this is how we started to be friends. The weather is turning colder and my fear is that so would our friendship. She has become much more than a running partner to me, and she knows it, too. I believe I have become much more to her as well. I know that whether she was running beside me or not, she always believed in me. Even if I did not meet my weight loss goal, she would still believe in me. I have decided that I will continue to run as much as possible during the winter, and if need be, use my elliptical to keep in shape. I still have some weight to lose to be really be happy with the way I look, but this is a good start. Ok…here is the end result…as of this morning, I stepped on the scale and it was awesome. I had lost the 30 pounds plus a little more!!! Thank you for your support. Maybe I have motivated some of you to find that one thing you want to change about yourself and work towards that goal. Work hard…don’t give up…believe you can. Have a wonderful weekend.

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