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Do I want a taste of my own medicine?  Nope.  Do I need it?  Yep.  Life surprised me yesterday with something that I never, ever saw coming and as much as I was literally a taken back by it, I had to ask some close friends for advice.  I wanted their opinions.  Unfortunately, I got them.  Do you ever do that?  When you know what the answer is going to be before you even make that call, but then you are upset that you made that call?  I need people to call me to the table.  I need to hear what I would probably (ok, most definitely) be telling them to do in the same situation.  I dislike it when words come back to me that I would have said.  Funny how it is easier to dish it than it is to receive it.  I rely on my friends to get my attention because even though I may not like it, I HAVE to go there.  Does this sound familiar?  We all have to go there from time to time.  As I was thinking more about this situation on my run this morning, I was reminded of the book that makes me do anything that I don’t want to…”Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”  Parts of this situation have me being cautious and in a state of wondering, where instead of enjoying the moment, I am looking for a reason.  A reason to make this adventure makes sense.  A reason to be excited about something new instead of afraid of what I have seen so far.  We all have people who challenge us to be more than we ever thought we could be and make us take a true inventory of who we are and what we are capable of in this life.  We are meant to be challenged and pushed to the depths where we have never been to make us better, stronger, and more than we ever thought we could be.  Sometimes, even though we don’t like the taste of it and swallowing it makes us cringe, we need to take our own medicine.  Thanks, ladies!

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