My greatest disappointment

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In the last few days, I have been thinking about doing something.  Anything.  But not necessarily something great.  I never really even knew what I would be doing, but because everything happens for a reason and the timing is as it is meant to be, then I had to believe that something would be happening.  I just didn’t know what.  I still don’t know what, but the excitement and emotions are propelling me to not just sit back and let it pass me by.  Yesterday, I received an email that made many of us that received it sad for a group of kids that has little to no support from their own parents as they spread their “mighty wings” and sing.  But for most of us, we read the story and maybe it brought a tear to our eye, but that is where it ended.  It reminded us to be “grateful” for the many blessings we have in our own lives.  But what if we can do more?  What if we just tried?  I would much rather have said I didn’t ignore it or carried on like it didn’t matter.  My greatest disappointment is when I didn’t do, say, or give more than I am capable of right now.  Being great is easier than you think. Doing the extraordinary isn’t difficult.  If you care enough to do something, you will.  It is easier to do nothing.  Maybe doing the minimum is all you can muster as you obligate yourself through yet another moment you would rather not be in.  When you have opportunities that come to you and nudge you to take action, do you?  Do you try to silence the constant nagging echoing in your ears?  Does it work?  It never does for me and I hope it never does.  I never want to say, “I took the easy road.”  We may have chances to change lives and should take advantage of every circumstance that comes your way to do so.  It will not come again.  Growing up, disappointing others was a huge fear of mine and although I carry that burden less today, I have instead picked up the notion of disappointing myself.  Living with regrets is simply not an option anymore.  I cannot live my life as if nothing matters, even if it is small.  Even if it is never acknowledged.  Even if it is forgotten.  I will know I will have done all I could and made every attempt to have this life be better.  Being true to who I am and doing all I can for others will never be a disappointment — in fact, it will be my great accomplishment and that in itself will be my legacy.

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