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I still get up just about every morning to get on the elliptical, but am very looking forward to spring when I can get our and run again. As I was burning calories, I wondered where my motivation to do this comes from? Where does any motivation come from? It only comes from one place, and one only. It comes from within. Taking the easy road and sleeping in does not motivate me. Trying to maintain my “girlish” figure through the winter so I am not so completely out of shape motivates me. The pictures of what I used to look like motivate me to keep going. Some days, we have lots of motivation and we might be going in what my husband calls “manic mode”. He tells the boys to just watch out. I get into “go mode” and usually it is because I have lots to do. What motivates you? Is it some external pressure put upon you by someone else? I remember when I first start running with Rocky and people would tell me that it must be great to have someone there to motivate me twice a week at my door at 5am. I didn’t understand her method, but those two rules will never be forgotten. I still find motivation from her everyday, even though she may never know it. Motivation is something that tells you to change whatever you are doing if you want something different. Motivation is a choice and can be very powerful in propelling you forward as you tackle the day’s tasks. At times, motivating yourself can be very difficult, but it always tells you that you can do more than you think you can. No one reminds me to get up at exercise in the morning…because I do it for no one else but me. Look close to your heart and you will find all you ever need to keep you motivated.

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