Make a difference: why it is the only way to save the world

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world mapThe world is a very big place and we may have this notion that our part in it is actually quite small.  Hardly even noticeable. And one little action can’t really make that much of a difference.

Or can it?

Personally, I know a few sceptics.  The ones who cannot see the rainbow through the rain.  The have this notion that nothing good exists in the world and they negate their place in the world as being nothing more than dust.  I call them “the trolls under the bridge.” These people are quick to jump out at you and bark harsh cruel words just to frighten and intimidate you and yet they immediately retreat when we defend ourselves.  Because they are just puffing out their chests a little bigger in hopes of making themselves feel a little better about their lack of significance.

But what these people don’t realize is that their place is not something that was predetermined — it has instead become a conscious choice on their part. And yet all they see is hurt, anger, and bitterness.

Some of these people have lost their purpose and instead of taking charge and do something different, they wallow in their self-pity – wondering why everything has remained the same.

What these people and many others don’t realize is that even the smallest of differences can make an impact.  Maybe we don’t see it right away and maybe we never know the outcome, but every word we express makes a difference.  A single act can change the trajectory of someone’s life just by caring about that person.

Because we took the time to do something.  No matter how small.

Let me tell you a little story:

Over the course of this last year, a young man who I had worked with 2 years earlier came back into my life asking for my help.  At first, I was surprised that he reached out to me, because I believed that my involvement with him through work was minor at best.  This young man had experienced more than a normal upbringing, shuttling between foster home after foster home, finally being adopted by his 5th foster home at age 16 years of age.  When he turned 18, he decided to try life out on his own and found a place to live and a job.  It wasn’t the easiest way, but it was his way.  Now, he wanted to go to attend the local community college and asked for my help in figuring out how to fill out the financial aid paperwork.  He asked me to write a letter for him explaining to the Financial Aid office of why this kid deserves a chance — a chance that he had never received in his young life.

So, I did.

I can still remember the emotion I felt that day as the memory comes quickly to the surface as he shared with me that not only had he been accepted but he had been given a full year’s tuition as well.  And the wrestling coach promised him a tryout, not necessarily a spot on the team.

All because I wrote a letter.


I didn’t have to write the letter.  I wasn’t being paid to write it and there was no guarantee that it would do what we hoped it would.

But it was better than doing nothing.

We knew what happened if nothing was done.

Nothing would change for this young man and the life he could have lived would have been washed away so easily without a blink.

No one would have noticed.

But saving the world can be done if we all just cared a little more about others.  If we believed in goodness and were kind to one another.

The world is full of “trolls” and we will never truly escape them forever.  Ignoring them doesn’t give us power.  Challenging the negativity and fighting for what we want is the only way we can change the world.  It means taking a stand when no one else will.  It means giving more of yourself to others just because you can.  It means doing whatever you can to influence the universe in someone else’ favor.

Saving the world will not come in one giant leap, but in a series of tiny steps that when linked together leverage their weight with one another.  Many might say the battle is not worth fighting if we are unsure we will have our desired outcome.  That putting forth effort and believing in hope is pointless. I disagree.

[bctt tweet=”Life grants us no guarantees, but it does grant us choices.”]

Saving the world begins with hope and any difference we make begins there, too. No matter how small or insignificant.

Michelle A. Homme 2015 ©


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