Magnitude of doing nothing

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I know…I am on a roll. Two in one day. Watch out, world. She is up and ready to take you on. There are many times that I write inspirations to myself and put them in my spiral notebook, and forget to post them here. I have a friend (yeah, it is sad – only one :-)) who is trying to find the courage to take a chance in her life. Yesterday, I wrote a few things down and gave it to her on a folded up piece of notebook paper, like I was handing her a note in school. I thought it was funny after I gave it to her. However, when she unfolded it, it unfolded to these words – “The magnitude of doing nothing to fulfill our purpose is far greater than any pursuing we take to fulfill that same purpose.” I wrote that on February 25, 2010. One week after meeting her. I really did not fold the paper so that would be what she sees first, it was really the way I crammed it into my pocket. I have to acknowledge that up until January 2010, I have been existing, not living. Really living…there is a difference between just showing up and being ready to play. For so many years, I think I was just showing up, hoping that it would be good enough. Now, I am ready to play. It seemed to work for the last 41 years. It took someone to really believe in me – and with nothing to gain for herself – for me to believe in me. Doing nothing serves no one and is easy. Anyone can do nothing, but it is a huge price to pay. It takes courage and strength to do more and determine what needs to be done. Take the leap today and BE READY TO PLAY!!

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