The magic found in our beautiful stories every day

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Our beautiful stories

The lives we lead are full of amazing things.

Magic we could not imagine, let alone describe.

Every day, the way we interact with others becomes a part of our story.

Some days seem pretty uneventful.

Others transform us in ways that leave us speechless.

Life is full of magnificent moments.

Miracles happen when facing insurmountable odds.

Chance meetings carry no explanation.

A small tick of the clock changes everything.

Every story contains magic

In some ways, it might not be seen by all.

But it is there.

A magic so well hidden, we might forget it exists.

It is found in the experiences we have.

In the people we meet along our journey.

Even in the places we travel.

Full of intrigue and captivating fascination.

Simple moments transform us in ways we never expected.

Leaving their footprints forever on our souls.

Only found in the telling of the story do we find the magic.

The hardest story to tell

It is easy to share someone else’s story.

Many people have no problem telling rumors or gossip.

No doubt the hardest story we will ever tell is our own.

The one full of mistakes and heartache.

Showing our brokenness and opportunities missed.

The moments when we lost and failed.

Hiding our hearts.

Afraid to be seen.

To be judged.

Yet, it is a story we must all tell.

Because in the middle of disappointment, we will still find joy and good deeds.

We cannot just tell a story full of glory and happy times.

The entire story must be shared.

Magic lives in the rising up after one has fallen.

In the risk of loving again.

In the moments that have no explanation.

Sharing stories

The magic doesn’t die when the story is told.

It finds life in the memories of others.

So that the story might be told again.

Over and over.

The more those stories are shared, the easier they are to tell.

Even the hard parts get less difficult.

They never grow old and they never die.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s the magic we find in every story.


Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©




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