Why living a life of fulfillment is worth more every day

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mannequin Ed LautonWhen was the last time you added some fulfillment to your life?

We all have those days when we feel just like this mannequin…we are completely and utterly exhausted. When our lives seemed to have fallen into something we almost believe we will never recover from and define our worth based on the money we generate or the number of clients we see in a day. We can’t do another thing. Once we have gotten to this point, we are very aware of the people walking around us, trying to avoid coming too close, possibly afraid they might catch this horrible overwhelming feeling. They see us, but pretend not to and whisper just loud enough so that we can hear the sounds of their lips moving but not loud enough to understand their words.

With one side of our face laying against the coldness of the ground as we struggle to remember how we got to this very moment. When we are acutely aware of our surroundings but are unsure what to do next once we get back up.

We feel dazed and maybe a little confused.

We ask ourselves questions like, “What just happened?” and “How did I get here?” — knowing we could retrace our steps without question. For example, no one wakes up being a 2-pack a day smoker or an avid 5 mile a day runner. It wasn’t a gigantic step where we went from one directly to the other. There were lots of baby steps that got us to this moment…and eventually we noticed what was going on around us.

Just like this mannequin.

Although none of us would ever hope to get to this point, sometimes, falling down and being forced to take a hard long look at what we have been doing and what direction we are headed makes us really start to notice things. Sometimes for the first time.

Seeing something for the first time is always going to jolt you in ways nothing else ever will.

This morning, I was able to interact briefly with a woman working in her husband’s office as a meeting my husband and I had with him came to a close. As I was able to share new things in my work life, she kept telling me the same thing…”That must be very fulfilling” and it gave me a hint as to what she might be missing in her own life. As her kids are getting older, she is trying hard to find out what her life means and what additional purpose she must fulfill.

I gave her some quick advice on how to proceed with the willingness to not only ask questions, but to have the courage to answer them as well.

It doesn’t do any of us any good if once we ask a question, we don’t stick around to hear the answer. Even if the answer isn’t something we want.

So try this…

  • Figure out what brings you joy. It’s easy to follow the money. Everyone wants it and needs it. But how many of us would choose a life where we end up lying on the ground like the mannequin? None. Fill your soul over your pocket.
  • Help others unconditionally. It doesn’t take something big to leave a big impact. Actually, it takes very little effort to hold a door open for someone else…ask them how their day is going…pay for the coffee for the young girl standing behind you in line. The gesture will always be remembered long after the money or time is long gone.
  • Read. Just because you are out of school doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. Sometimes, the best books aren’t the ones where the ending isn’t something you anticipated, but the ones that move you in a way you never imagined before. Keep yourself open to new ideas.
  • Hang out with like-minded people. Our mindset is heavily influenced by the amount of time we spend with others. If someone wears on you, let go of that relationship. Choose to be with people who energize you.
  • Try new things. In order to find what fulfills you, you need to expand your known environment. You won’t fall in love with everything, but you learn what you want to try again. Take chances when they present themselves to you.

A life well-lived is never found in the same place.

We are meant to venture. Explore and seek out new ideas. Meet new people as we share stories and experiences. We are not meant to live a mundane existence while circumventing the life we all desire.

It doesn’t take much to change the way you see life…

Just a new vantage point.

One preferably not from the ground, looking up.

Michelle A. Homme 2016 ©


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