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Life is complicated and full of big moments…weddings, high school graduations, babies’ births.  As much as those moments are to be celebrated and commemorated, they are hardly what gets us through every day life.  Do we look forward to them?  Absolutely!  Life could not exist without them.  But if we look at any single day, are those the moments that get us through?  I bet not.  For me, life and the moments that are in my life are mostly composed of the little things that make it special.  A couple of weeks ago, I gave a friend a book with an enormous list of the “little things” —  to serve as reminder to her that when she feels like she is losing control and things are crazy, that the “little things” are going to always make her day better.  She just has to remember to look for them.  We all do.  Do you ever stop and look for the little things?  The ones that don’t cost a thing?  If you can’t find one for yourself, do you create ones for others?  One of the most beautiful things I love to hear and watch is the absolute true laughter of a baby.  Ever seen the video where someone is ripping wrapping paper and the baby is cracking up?  I can’t help but smile when I see that video and others like it.  Or when I get a text from a friend, checking to make sure I made it home safe after a trip.  Sometimes, I would love to see the smile someone gets after reading a text from me.  I hope that I give that itty bit of joy and love in a quick message like that.  Life can drown us with the non-stop obligations and calendar-driven lifestyle that I know consumes me from time to time.  I am just as guilty as the rest of you.  I forget that telling my loved ones that I love them gives me just as much as it gives them.  What are your favorite little things?  You know the ones that make your day — the ones that make you smile and fill your heart with love?  Ever greeted someone with the best hug ever, even though you just met them?  Have you smiled at someone or given someone a compliment, just because you can?  Sometimes, even the smallest of words heard can trigger a lifetime of memories that will transport you back to a time when you can’t help but remember?  I know it is a mixed up world where the one thing we never planned becomes something we now must deal with daily…where you understand that you are important to someone else and they wanted you to know that.  Can you find one little thing in every day that makes I all worth it? I will tell you that although we usually pay attention to the big things, it is the truly the little things that we treasure most.  Life is truly composed of many, wonderful, “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas.

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