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In one day, I think my life has dramatically changed in a matter of a couple of hours. This morning,I went for a run with Rock…we are starting to get back into our regular routine. It was great weather and I cannot wait until temperatures are more consistent where I don’t need two pairs of gloves, long johns, a stocking cap, and a heavy jacket. She asked me if I felt any different about my life since taking some chances in the last two weeks. I told her, “No” because essentially my life is the same as it was before I took those chances. Nothing had changed. She told me that she thought I was different than I was two weeks ago – I asked her to explain. She told me that she doesn’t hear the doubt and questions that I had before. She is right…I don’t have them. Have you ever felt like you are on a wave in the ocean, but you don’t worry about getting sucked under the water and fear of drowning; you don’t think about how long you will be riding the wave; and you don’t think about what others will think of you if you fall off the wave??? That is where I am. Today, I had a lunch with an acquaintance that I met through work, but we have never really sat and visited with each other before. I had mentioned to her previously in an email that I wanted to share my vision with her and what kind of impact I thought it could make on our community. Within 5 minutes of hearing my idea, she told me that she wanted me to be on her team to help her with something that she is doing. We agree that we can pull our resources and make it better. It was so exciting!! Last week, I had also reached out to another source that could help with a similar vision with a different audience and I received some very complimentary words today. I have some tweaking to do on some things, but we will get together in May to go over everything in greater detail. The crazy thing is the implementation for both will take place probably this fall. Maybe instead of saying I am on a wave, maybe it would be more appropriate to say I am in a whirlwind right now. It is so hard to explain this to people who are not there, but I can see it in those that are there. I can see the way their eyes light up and they get excited hearing me talk and share like there is no tomorrow. Momentum is an amazing force that will carry us where we want to go. I just never thought it would be here, but I am going to love this ride!

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