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It has been nearly a week since I last shared something here, and I have spent the last few hours typing up words to add to already started posts, but nothing has felt “right.” So I save what I have so far, and then would look at the other drafts to see if something else would spark an emotion or something to get my mind going in a fashion that allows the words to just flow onto the page.  But that didn’t work either.

So I sat here.

Doing nothing.

Staring at the computer screen, as iTunes quietly played in the background.

And then it hit me.

I just needed to write what I was thinking and feeling which isn’t always just one thing.  It is a mixture of simplicity as the holiday approaches and we make plans to spend it with loved ones and a chaotic feeling that I am forgetting something…for someone.

And I realized that I am not alone.  Many of you are feeling the calm before the storm and yet in the long run know that the little things don’t matter.  My mind wanders from much anticipation for things I have yet to unveil here and to trying something for the first time that is a little scary.  I reminisce about the year and how fast the time has gone by, and as I try to recall each month and every significant moment that has passed, I know I have forgotten some.  Not because I want to, but because it is difficult to remind ourselves of the big moments, let alone remember something that seemingly was minor.  But some times, the small moments are the ones that mean the most.

Maybe this year has been especially hard for you and I am sorry for any difficulties and loss that you may have experienced and hope that you continue to believe in tomorrow and every thing that is good.

Even in those moments we would never wish upon anyone else, we also find good things to celebrate.  To have someone in our lives, even for a few short months, is better than never than having them at all, and we hold onto to the smile, feel the hug, and love the new memories we make.  We are not brought together by things and possessions, but by mutual feelings of love and friendship.

But as we gather with family and friends over the next 10 days, and the chaos that comes with it, let us never forget that life does not always go as we would have liked, planned, or wished.  Sometimes, we just have to take one day at a time and see what happens next.  But while we are in each and every moment, always live in it.  Fully.

What moments are you in that you glide over and hope no one notices, believing that they don’t matter?  What words are never shared because you don’t make the time to say them?  Our lives are just mere moments — some good and some bad.  And we must live in all of them in order for us to move onto the next ones that will follow.

This time of year, don’t forget the little moments.  The ones where you can take a few minutes to share your life with someone else.  The ones that live on — not just in your life, but in the lives of those around you.   The little moments that you will forget tomorrow but will resurrect themselves days from now in a story shared with others.  Reflect on where you have been, where you are and where you have yet to go and appreciate the gift you have been granted.

Thank you for reading this small ramble of thankfulness, wonderment, joy, and appreciation that has been wrapped into a little gift — the one I call “my life.”

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©

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