It takes just one

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It takes just one to change a life.  Just one.  One smile. One kind word. One moment.  Most of are afraid to fail and many of us are afraid to do it in front of others.  But how many of us are afraid to be our best?  For some of us, we are embarrassed when our best is pointed out to others as we believe that we have done nothing extraordinary other than to just be ourselves.  I have seen people plant the seeds that continue to grow into moments that are held onto forever.  Even if it is never mentioned again, it stays with you.  It grows and becomes a way to see and understand how one action can change someone’s life forever.  How are you are very best?  What do you “bring to the table”? When you bring that one thing to that one person at that one moment, every thing becomes possible.  It is absolute freedom with joy and excitement  — when the hands are raised up on this rollercoaster of life and begin to really comprehend our purpose.  Do you think you can be that one person at the right time in someone else’s life that changes them forever?  I know, I didn’t believe in it either.  I am sure I didn’t even know what it was or what it looked like.  But then, it happened to me.  And I saw it happen it happen to others and I began to understand how the power of one can change the world and the people that live in it.  We have this false understanding that power resides in the hands of the many because more is always better.  But more doesn’t matter if none of it works.  I can give you car with the latest gadgets and you will use none of them if they don’t make sense to you.  It takes one.  But it has to be the right one.  Here is the catch — you might be the right person who does that right thing at that right moment that changes everything.  Be your best every day.  It takes ONE.

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