How can we start chasing life if we just want to be lazy?

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Life is busy.  For all of us.  And our natural reaction is to relax.  To stop.

But if we stay stopped too long, then we lose our momentum and forget the motivation we had.  And let’s be honest…it is very hard to get going again.

We take a look around and we see others doing the same thing and we ask ourselves, “Why would I chase after something else?  I am SO tired now!”

I get it.  We all are bombarded with responsibility, obligation, and requirements.

Friends of mine are perfectly content to put forth the most minimal amount of effort and attention when it comes to chasing after anything in their lives.  They get up, they let the dog out, they go to work, they come home to let the dog out again, and go to bed.  Then, they repeat everything again the next day.  Every once in a while, they might find themselves hanging out with friends or on vacation, but their every-day life seems to be very routine.

Secretly, I wonder if these friends ever allow themselves to dream…to view life as more than what it is….if they are happy.

I mean, really happy.

Then I wondered something else…are we happiest more when we are taking it easy or are we happiest when we see progress?

Sometimes, we need to slow down just a bit so we can regroup and get back on our way.  I know I don’t ever stop.  Not really.  Most of you probably don’t either


Somewhere during my life, I missed the “lazy” bus.  Glad I did.

And then another question came to mind…are we so busy now that doing anything more would absolutely break us?  Are we afraid to push ourselves a little?  Is there really nothing more that we aspire to do?

Life is a bus we don’t want to miss…it comes around every day, hoping we get on and take the ride we will never forget.  Giving us chances to be more than a bystander and actually be involved in something bigger than ourselves.

But that requires a different kind of attitude and little more effort.  The kind that most of us just don’t want to deal with after a long day at work, dealing with kids’ homework, and picking up the house.  We just want to grab a blanket, curl up in the big recliner and rest.  For once.  But then once becomes a daily routine you just can’t seem to escape.  And you wonder what the purpose is…why it matters.

[bctt tweet=””A wasted life is one where the scenes never change and neither do we.””]

As we take a look back on our life, will we say we lived a “good” life or will we say we lived a “full” life?  Living is about going after something that seems just so our of reach that we can’t live without it.  It provides us with incentive and excitement to keep us going.  Some may say that it is a waste of time and why bother.  I say, “it beats sitting at the bus stop watching it go around.”

Quit giving yourself excuses.  Stop waiting for others to do it first.  This is YOUR life. Make something of it.  Do it your way.   Just remember…no regrets later.  

Michelle A. Homme 2015

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